Mohamed Ebeida

Mohamed Ebeida – PI / Technical Lead

Mohamed Ebeida is an expert in computational geometry related to Voronoi diagrams, hyperplane sampling and sphere packing. He is the lead of several Voronoi-based projects at Sandia National Laboratories with application to meshing, high-dimensional sampling, uncertainty quantification, and optimization. He graduated from University of California Davis in 2008 with a PhD in Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering and a Masters in Applied Mathematics. He worked for two years as a Postdoc at Carnegie Mellon University. In 2010, he joined Sandia National Laboratories where he actively works in exploring the potential of Voronoi decompositions for a wide range on non-traditional applications.

Nick Winovich – Developer

Nick Winovich is a postdoctoral researcher in the Center for Computing Research at Sandia National Laboratories. He received a PhD in Mathematics from Purdue University in 2021 with his dissertation titled "Neural Network Approximations to Solution Operators for Partial Differential Equations". As a member of the Scientific Machine Learning department, his current research interests include Voronoi-based surrogate models, uncertainty quantification, and reinforcement learning techniques for scientific applications.

Jeff Sharpe – Developer / Support

Jeff is a research software engineer at Sandia National Labs. He has a masters in computer science obtained from the University of New Mexico in 2021. Prior to working at Sandia he worked as a research assistant at the University of New Mexico Hospital in the realm of software development & machine learning. His research interests include high-performance computing, machine learning, computer vision and software development.

Liam Moynihan – Developer

Liam Moynihan is a senior Software Engineer in Research and Development at Sandia National Laboratories. He received an M.S. in Computing from the University of Utah in 2022, and joined Sandia shortly afterwards. His research interests include data compression techniques using the singular value decomposition, high-performance computing, and data visualization.

Former Team Members

We greatly appreciate the following people and all of their phenomenal work on the Vorocrust project!

William McLendon – Developer / Operations

Reed Milewicz – Developer