VoroCrust Meshing Downloads

Thank you for your interest in downloading VoroCrust Meshing! Find your desired distribution below, we provide binaries for Windows 10, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, Ubuntu (18.04, 20.04, 22.04, 22.10) and Mac OSX 12. You may need to build from our public source if these options do not work: COMING SOON.

This page is a work in progress so it will look better soon!


Windows 10 vorocrust meshing windows 10MD5: 0209974ab0ae22bfa0430db34cc1f887


RHEL 7 vorocrust meshing rhel 7MD5: 8bce113c2c29dc72ecec81ba2decd929
Ubuntu 18.04 vorocrust meshing ubuntu 18.04MD5: 8e5e57d8c883bc00ee59848f5105e88e
Ubuntu 20.04 vorocrust meshing ubuntu 20.04MD5: c2fe53c7f81a5b800096cd25edecab73
Ubuntu 22.04 vorocrust meshing ubuntu 22.04MD5: 63ac4dc20447324cce696814e00f2999
Ubuntu 22.10 vorocrust meshing ubuntu 22.10MD5: facbd365d84e565173ebf29cbdedc5f9


Mac 12 (x86) vorocrust meshing macMD5: 5007c0896fd8670087fafb3abba01dc8