Building on OSX and *nix

After VoroCrust-Meshing is configured and the Makefile has been generated, simply exectue make to compile the code:

$ make

Optionally, you can add the “-j N” argument to make to use more than 1 cores during your build. This can significantly speed up the compilation of VoroCrust-Meshing. Your output will be similar to this:

Image of Screenshot-from-2022-12-22-10-10-56
Partial output as a result of running make -j12

The last few lines of make output should be something similar to the below lines.

[ 98%] Linking CXX executable ../../vc_mesh
[100%] Linking CXX executable test_exodus_simple

[100%] Built target vc_mesh
[100%] Built target test_exodus_simple

This will let you know that make was successful. Once completed, you will have the vorocrust-meshing (vc_mesh) binary in your build directory, as seen below. At this point you are ready to use VoroCrust-Meshing.

Image of Screenshot-from-2022-12-22-10-16-59
A listing of the build directory after completion of the make command, note the vc_mesh executable

If you wish to also run the test suite, you can execute ctest to run the tests.

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